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Glossary of Terms

  • PSTN: Refers to a standard telephone line as a method of connecting to the alarm system.
  • IP: Refers to an internet connection (remotely or locally) as a method for connecting to the alarm system.
  • SMS: Refers to a connection to the alarm system over the cellular network, the connection on the computer is made over the internet, and the alarm system (with an integrated cellular communicator) is connecting over the cellular network.
  • PC-Link: A PC-Link is a direct connect cable from the alarm system to a computer, it is either connected to the computer via the serial port or with a USB connector.
  • Double Call: Double call is the act of connecting to the alarm system via the PSTN (telephone line) and avoiding activating an answering machine. Also called "answering machine overide", the double call works by first calling the telephone line connected to the alarm system, and hanging up after one ring. Then it will call the alarm system again and answer within a few seconds.
  • Export: You can press the export button to create a .pdf file containing the information on the screen you are currently on. This can be useful for offline reference.
  • Operator: An Operator is a user who can log in to DLS Web SA. You may wish to create multiple users with seperate passwords.
  • Expiration Time: How long after unsuccessfuly trying to connect to the alarm system you want the software to stop attempting to connect.
  • Comments: The comments section is used to input any important or noteworthy comments about this alarm system. This can be used as a reminder for the software user but does not have any impact on the alarm system itself, nor is it saved in the alarm system.
  • DLS Access Code: The DLS Access Code is used as a security password for the software to verify that the user has permission to access the alarm system. The DLS Access Code used in the DLS Web SA account must match the DLS Access Code programmed in the alarm panel by the alarm installer.
  • Panel ID Code: The Panel ID Code is only used for incoming connections. Incoming connections are when the alarm panel is programmed to establish the connection with the software manually instead of the software automatically establishing the connection. The Panel ID Code must be a unique code programmed by the alarm installer and the Panel ID Code entered in the DLS Web SA software must match this code in order to make an incoming connection.
  • Account: An account refers to a specific alarm system. Multiple accounts can be created on DLS Web SA if more than one alarm system is being used.