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Welcome to WebSA System Administrator Software Online Help Community !
WebSA System Administrator Software by DSC

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What is WebSA System Administrator Software?

WebSA System Administrator Software is a user-friendly web interface application which is targeted towards non-technical end-users or system administrators (SA), offering all the functionality required to properly manage, monitor and control the intrusion system either in real-time or offline.

What's in DLS WebSA V1.62!

  • Changes from Previous Version
    • Added support for PowerSeries Neo V1.3 panels
    • Added support for Microsoft .NET Framework V4.6
      • This removes support for Windows XP and Windows Vista
    • Resolved issue causing passwords changed from their original setting to expire after 3 months
      • Passwords in WebSA will no longer expire
      • Note: Existing passwords should be changed after applying the V1.62 update to ensure that they do not expire in the future


  • Easy Installation
    • Simple installation process involves running an executable file (.EXE) that recognizes and downloads missing components automatically to complete the process
  • Web Based Client Software
    • WebSA System Administrator Software in standalone configuration can be accessed through native software on the installed machine
    • WebSA System Administrator Software in Workgroup/Add-on/ES configuration can be accessed through most standard web browsers (like: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Process Driven System Management & Basic Configuration
    • Easy to use, intuitive graphical user interface built with HTML5 and CSS that provides a clean navigation, configuration and user management.
  • Auto-detect & Connection
    • After creating a new account, it will automatically connect through preferred connection type and sync with the system
    • Click on existing account tile(s) and connect automatically to respective account section
  • Real-Time System Monitoring
    • Real-time dashboard (enhanced status section)
    • Real-time continuous connection with panel
  • Manage Panel Users & Schedules
    • Create, modify and monitor panel users
    • Schedule future events
  • Generate Reports
    • Operators can generate and export reports for any section(s) they have access to (for example: Event Buffer Report, User Reports, Holiday & Schedule reports, Basic Panel report, Detail Panel Report, Account Report)

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