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Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10 +

Web SA Prerequisites

The following applications must be installed for Workgroup Web SA to operate.

These prerequisites are automatically downloaded (if necessary) and installed under normal circumstances.

1) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Any critical updates to these prerequisites should be installed via Windows Update.

Minimum Server Hardware Requirements

To support the prerequisites for Web SA, the following system requirements must be met:

  • Processor: 600 megahertz (MHz) Pentium III compatible or faster processor - 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster is recommended
  • RAM: 2GB of System Memory
  • Hard Disk: Up to 2GB of available space may be required.
  • CD or DVD Drive: Not required
  • Display: 1024 x 768 high color, 32-bit (Recommended)

Note: Workgroup Web SA uses 500MB, additional hard disk space may be required for prerequisites.

Workgroup Web SA Server Installation

  • Initiate the installation of the latest available release by downloading the executable file from or acquiring it from your dealer.
  • Please select your Country:
CountrySelection-2014-05-05 1018.png
  • The End User License Agreement will be prompted:
LicenseAgreement-2014-05-05 1019.png
  • If you agree, accept the agreement, click ‘Next’ and select your installation type:
PackageSelection WorkgroupNA 2014-05-05 1022.png
  • If the selected installation package is not supported in your selected country, following error will be prompted:
    • When an international Web SA installation type is selected for North American countries:
WrongPackage4Country 2014-05-05 1623.png
  • Web SA installation files will be installed in the following directory:
InstallationFolder 2014-05-05 1024.png
  • Click ‘Install’. Web SA Installer will automatically search for .NET 4.5 Framework. If it is not installed, you will be requested by the installer utility to initiate the installation.
  • During the installation user will be prompted to select the local machine IP/server name of the computer on which they are installing the DLS Workgroup Server. If the machine has more than one network card or multiple IPs/server names then the IP address/server name to which the clients will be connected to shall be selected.
IPSelection 2014-05-05 1636.png
  • Once the installation has completed, you will be prompted with installation confirmation and a link to Web SA help page:
CompletedInstallation 2014-05-05 1031.png
  • Once the installation has completed, the new shortcuts are added in DSC folder under Start menu.

Workgroup Web SA Activation

To activate Workgroup Web SA installation, go to Start Menu, All Programs, DSC Folder and click ‘Activate Web SA (Standalone)’:

  • Windows 7:
WorkgroupWebSA StartMenu Win7.png
  • Windows 8+:
WorkgroupWebSA StartMenu Win8.png

Insert the activation key provided by your security company in the following prompted form:

ActivationKeyForm 2014-05-05 1036.png

A new activation key must be inserted for every new installation per machine.

  • Following error will be prompted if already redeemed activation key is used and license file will not be downloaded:
AlreadyRedeemed 2014-05-05 1038.png
  • Following error will be prompted if a wrong package activation key is inserted and license file will not be downloaded:
WrongPackage Key 2014-05-05 1043.png
  • Following error will be prompted if a wrong format or incomplete activation key is inserted:
KeyDoesNotExist 2014-05-05 1044.png
  • After inserting the correct activation key, license file will be automatically downloaded successfully:
Key Successful 2014-05-05 1045.png

Launch Web SA & Default Login

Workgroup Web SA is a browser based application which can be launched in any supported browser from any machine on the same network as Workgroup Server.

A server name or server IP can be inserted on the network browser to launch Web SA application:

WorkgroupWebSA Browsers.png

To launch Workgroup Web SA on server, click ‘Web SA’ shortcut on desktop or go to Start Menu, All Programs, DSC Folder and click ‘Web SA’:

  • Windows 7:
WorkgroupWebSA StartMenu Win7.png
  • Windows 8+:
WorkgroupWebSA StartMenu Win8.png

Default Web SA Application Login


Sa administrator



If forgot to activate the software, you will still be able to launch the application, try to login and will be notified instantly that license is not found, please activate the software:

WorkgroupWebSA LoginFailed NotActivated.png

Web SA Quick Startup

Web SA Home page will be visible after successfully logging into the application:

HomePage 2014-05-05 1650.png

Recent Accounts

Any accounts created either from DLS or Web SA will be visible as a tile under this section. If an account initiates communication session with corresponding system, the connection status will be shown in real-time on lower right of application. When account will successfully connect with the system, you will be able to access specific account section within the tile:

RecentAccounts 2014-05-05 1208.png

DLS Web SA Tiles

Search Pane

If more than 8 accounts exist, you can search for other accounts from search pane:

SearchPane 2014-05-05 1329.png

Web SA Help Link

You can access Web SA Wiki help page by clicking on following icon:

Help tile 2014-05-05 1257.png

Last Login

This tile will show date & time of your last successful login:

LastLogin Tile 2014-05-05 1259.png

You can change your password by clicking on the ‘Change Password’ shortcut:

ChangePassword 2014-05-05 1546.png

Administrator Tools

You would be able to access administrator specific functions by clicking on this tile if logged in as an SA Administrator or Facility Manager:

AdminTool tile 2014-05-05 1256.png

Business Card

Business Card tile will be visible to any level operator who will log into Web SA. By default, this tile will be empty:

BusinessCard tile 2014-05-05 1258.png

SA Administrator or Facility manager can program their organization required information

The desired content of this tile can be programmed from ‘Systems Settings’ page by SA Administrator or Facility Manager:

BusinessCard Filled 2014-05-05 1341.png

If local e-mail application is already configured on the machine then new e-mail window will prompt up by clicking on the e-mail icon within the tile:

Email new 2014-05-05 1349.png

If local e-mail application is not configured then Web SA Wiki page will be launched.

Web SA Release Number

Latest Web SA release number will be visible in this tile:

ReleaseNumber tile 2014-05-05 1257.png

Web SA Update Notification

This tile will be visible if new updates are available for Web SA application:

UpdateNotification tile 2014-05-05 1258.png

Administrator Tools Admin Tools TransparentTool.png

DLS Operators DLSOperator TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Administrator Tools’ tile.
  • Click ‘DLS Operators’ icon to manage Web SA operators:
SA Operator 2014-05-05 1651.png

Connection Settings ConnectionSettings TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Administrator Tools’ tile.
  • Click ‘Connection Settings’ icon to manage modem, pc-link and SMS connections:
ConnectionSettings-2014-05-05 1652.png

System Settings Configuration SystemSettings TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Administrator Tools’ tile.
  • Click ‘System Settings’ icon and create your own business card which will be displayed on home page and/or import your company logo in Web SA. If you have any accounts using ‘SMS’ connection type then you need to insert your Web SA machine public IP and port number here as well.
SystemSettings-2014-05-05 1653.png

Web SA Updates UpdateNotification TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Administrator Tools’ tile.
  • Click ‘Updates’ icon to view the latest updates available and how to install them.
Updates-2014-05-05 1654.png

Create an Account and Connect to System

You can create a new account either from home page by clicking on the following icon:

CreateNewAccount 2014-05-05 1218.png

Or from the accounts page by clicking ‘Add’:

SaveAccount 2014-05-05 1219.png

Insert the required information in the following sections when creating an account:

CreateAccount-2014-05-05 1656.png

You need to click on section headings to fill the section specific information. Once all the information is inserted, click ‘Save’ icon:

AccountPropertyData-2014-05-05 1657.png

When ‘Save’ is clicked, notification will be prompted indicating account is successfully saved.

Account will automatically initiate the communication session and once the system is successfully identified, following notification will be prompted:

AutoDetect Complete Notification.png

The initiation and connection state will be represented in real-time mode through interactive icons:

Connecting states.png

Once the account session is successfully established with the system, account specific tabs will be visible in the main menu bar:

WebSA MainToolBar.png

Dashboard Dashboard TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Dashboard’ icon on main tool bar.
  • Manage and view your security system statuses in real-time mode.

Real-Time System Status View:

Dashboard(1)-2014-05-05 1659.png

Partition specific real-time system status view with available functions:

Dashboard(2)-2014-05-05 1659.png

User Management Users TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Users’ icon on main tool bar.
  • Manage panel users configuration:
Users-2014-05-05 1729.png

Schedule Management Schedule TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Schedules’ icon on main tool bar.
  • Program Partitions holiday groups, auto arm/disarm schedules and its intervals in this section.

Manage Schedule(s)

Schedule-Partition-2014-05-05 1730.png

Manage Holiday(s)

Schedules-Holidays-2014-05-05 1733.png

Event Buffer EventBuffer-TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Event Buffer’ icon on main tool bar.
  • Use available filters to filter out for specific data
  • Filtered event logs can be exported both in XML and PDF format.
EventBuffer-2014-05-05 1734.png

Reports Reports TransparentIcon.png

  • Click ‘Reports’ icon on main tool bar.
  • Depending on operator permission, all the account specific reports can be exported either in XML or PDF format from this section:
Reports-2014-05-05 1734.png

User Activity Report can be exported from Event Buffer section utilizing the available filters.

Reminder Information

  • When setting up an account to connect with hybrid system (Power Neo) using ‘IP’ connection type, make sure to change the port number to 3092. Web SA communicates to system using this port number.

Engine Limitations

  • Maximum of eight users can be connected to the server at the same time
  • Maximum of eight modems can be added to the server
  • If only one modem is used, it must be set for outgoing only
  • No PC-Link connection in Workgroup mode
  • Must use shared modem pool in Workgroup mode
  • Windows XP Home is not a recommended workgroup server operating system
  • If modems are not connected directly to the server machine via a native RS-232 port then only Keyspan USB-to-Serial converter must be used to optimize the full PSTN functionality
  • The DLS Workgroup Server machine should be powered on and online at all times. Please disable any power saving modes (hibernate, sleep mode) to ensure clients can connect to the server.
  • The DLS Workgroup Server machine must have the File Sharing feature enabled and allowed through the firewall.
  • When installing Web SA package, please make sure port 80 is free. If not, you will be prompted during Web SA installation, to free up this port.

Browser Limitation